Advantage of being locals

HH has employees who reside in many parts of India. Some of us have lived in other countries and many have travelled most of the world. We can plan a holiday and select the healing locale best suited as per the needs of our foreign visitor. Knowledge of the best places for tourism, topography, languages and weather, help us in providing superior assistance. .

A project manager for each client

Our client will be allocated a project manager on finalization of the trip. This would simplify talking and corresponding with one single person. Our staff will get back on all queries promptly and assist the client on the trip. Connect on whatsapp or phone and our staff will collect and impart information as may be desired by the client.

Airport to Airport Services in India

On arrival, we will provide your pick-up and drop-off at the chosen health resort. Upon completion of your healing stay, we will arrange for your pick-up, alternate stay and sightseeing as per your chosen holiday plans. When your trip ends, we will drop you off at the airport for your safe travel back home. Not just healing but travel too.

An ‘All Women Team’

Men and women are both good at business and we chose to be ‘an all women team’ to provide healing through softer voice and an ingrained understanding of the needs of the larger percentage of lady clients. Our team of 40 women handle management, marketing, sales, collaborations, website management, SEO, SMO and accounts with absolute sincerity. A rare achievement.

World’s largest offer of Packages

Knowledge of Indian conditions helps us create competitive packages that most suit your health needs. Priyanka, our therapist from Singapore is deft at matching the closest centre for your physical and psychological healing. Let us help create the correct association for you with the right pricing and city to visit. It's now easy to compare the services catalogued together.

Language interpretation support

At ‘Healing Holidays’ English is an acceptable language in all offered healing centers. Clients can now come to India even if they don’t know English. We have collaborated with one of the world’s largest Translation and Interpretation companies (Shan Translation, Singapore) to assist you with interpretations for most world languages. This facility expands the ease of travellers from all countries..

24*6 extended support

On arrival, each of our clients will be provided with information on how to contact our support service. This will be available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week and can be shared with relatives and contacts. This service is additional, as most of the facilities provide some of these services. However, for an extraordinary and comfortable stay, this service is our thanks.

Low cost on Health and Tourism

Heal and enjoy your trip in India, while exploring the great diversity and cultural heritage India has to offer. In most cases, you will be able to spend twice the time on the health resort, recover cost of tickets and travel still saving money compared to any other such centre in the world. We are Healing Holidays in India.

Fair incomes, reliable and friendly

At HH, our income model is based on commissions received from the center. With centers not collaborating with us, we honestly request for a 5% additional charge on the cost. In this way we are able to provide information of most such centers and our client can verify our truth while being in the center. Start with the trust you deserve.