What Others Say?

Trusting you to suggest the best place to visit for diabetes treatment was the biggest stress reliever for us. Thanks for adding tourism to the package. We felt safe knowing that you are from India. A very humble and courteous team I must say. Thank You.

Ongnu Lhaden, Tibet

I would relate Healing Holidays as the company which acted as a savior in our time of need. We had almost finalized our plans for a Trip for health to India when at the last moment we received the mail stating that an additional 10% handling fee would be charged. Luckily my wife pacified my anger and we were able to get a much better package from this company.

Xeno Tam, Hongkong
What Others Say?

We were booked for 5 people on the wellness trip to India and our friend fell ill. We got a full refund without any deductions from HH. Since then I have recommended HH to most of my friends.

Mini Han, China

My wife and I were already scheduled for a trip to India. We searched the net and HH was able to offer a good package with primary city of Mumbai. It was a wonderful wellness centre amidst lots of greenery. We were able to learn the correct techniques of Yoga.

Allan Doe, New Zealand

We know HH team for over 15 years through a collaborative company. I was impressed with their understanding of the cost to luxury ratio and were able to always give me excellent guidance.

Freida Mvamzi, South Africa

You should give the prices for single occupancy too. Many people want to come alone and the difference when you offer a single occupancy is not too much. Still would like to compliment you on so many offers under one banner. Makes life so much simpler.

Unutoni Diana, Kenya

I am impressed with the company’s growth. I have seen HH when it offered only some Healing resorts and did not take it as a business. It helped us a lot and we will always be indebted to them. Priyanka was an excellent counselor from Singapore. From there to a wonderful offer of over 150 packages is impressive. Good luck to the them.

Aksana, Russia

I am so delighted to see a change in your company’s website. It required a change and thank God! you did it. The change is so much better, the animations look wonderful. I must admit being in the animation business, I haven’t seen such bright and curved full of life animations before.

Sharaf Mirzayev, Uzbekistan

I have been your distributor working with you since 2-3 years. I have seen you growing and making your presence in so many countries. You have already covered and given information of lots of good centers of India. Wishing you loads of luck. Thank you.

Khalid Mohammad, Saudi Arabia

I have gone through your price list and found it too long and exhaustive. Would suggest you to make it little compact. Please try and give more details at first look if possible. You need not expose the name of the healing centre but activities of the day would help.

Kerobyan, Germany

In my working career, I have come across very few companies which have an ‘All women team’. I have witnessed working with HH when it was a three women team to a thirty women team. With time it has only grown better and bigger.

Richard Brown, USA